Free Slotmachine: Red, White & Who?

Before the 2012 U.S. elections, we introduced our politically oriented slot, Red, White & Who?

How To Play

If you're comfortable with online video slots, you should have no problem playing Red, White & Who? Like most slots there's not really a lot to it.

Coin Size/Total Coins:

  • By default you'll start with $1000 virtual dollars, betting at a 5 cent coin size. Your total number of coins is shown on the bottom left of the game; i.e. 20000 coins by default ($1000 divided by $0.05).
  • To change the coin bet per line, use the + and - buttons underneath to adjust between 1¢ and 25¢


  • The game has 9 different lines in total, as shown when the game starts and when the number of lines are adjusted. By default, all 9 lines are played.
  • To play fewer lines, press the - button underneath to adjust, or + to play more lines.


  • Coins refers to the number of coins bet per line. By default this is set to 5, the max coin bet.
  • Use the + and - buttons underneath to adjust the number of coins per line between 1 and 5.


  • Click on the large 'SPIN' button on the bottom right of the game to spin once.
  • Click on the 'SPIN 5x' or 'SPIN 10x' buttons underneath to auto-spin the corresponding number of times.
  • While auto-spins are going, a 'STOP' button will appear where the SPIN button previously was. Click on it to stop further auto-spins.


Click on the green 'VIEW PAYTABLE' button to see the various slot symbols and their respective payouts.

Please Note: Your balance/score will only be remembered during this particular page visit.

Navigating away from the page will clear your current score.

Bonus Rounds

Red, White & Who? has 2 different bonus rounds, triggered by the voting box and the eagle respectively. 3 or more occurances of either symbol will begin that bonus round.

Bonus Round 1

Use the slider to choose how many ballots you'd like to 'stuff' into the voting box, anywhere between 1 and 100.

The more ballots you stuff the higher your bonus win will be - but be careful - stuff too many and the box will explode!

The amount that you can stuff without 'overstuffing' is randomly chosen each time the bonus round is initiated.

Bonus Round 2

The second bonus round is a race to the White House. Start off by choosing the three candidates that you think will place 1st, 2nd and 3rd, then sit back and watch the action to see how you did.

Wins are based off the candidates you've chosen and the positions they finished in.

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