January 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011 - 14:15
<p>A new start up mobile payment solution provider called Jumio Inc. is currently in the final phase of its development which has been occurring at its development centre in Austria.
Saturday, January 8, 2011 - 11:08
<p>Money makes money and with money processors the size of Mastercard and Visa that means a ton of money. <br />MasterCard and Visa have complied with the regulations set out by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in the USA that went into full enforcement mode in 2010 but that does not mean these companies are happy campers.
Saturday, January 8, 2011 - 12:20
<p>The state of Virginia in the USA is a place where over the last few years Internet Cafes have sprung up with surprising regularity.
Sunday, January 9, 2011 - 09:02
<p>It did not take long for one of the top online poker champions of all time to be on the hunt for a new sponsor. Recently Phil Hellmuth decided to part company with UB.com and take his highly visible and sometimes a little strange antics somewhere else. The professional poker player is talking new sponsorship deals already.
Sunday, January 9, 2011 - 09:33
<p>The first ever Betview Awards took place on the 3rd of March 2009 at the Dorchester Hotel in London. The awards were initiated to reward and recognize the U.K. and Return on Investment betting and gambling industry for outstanding achievement, ingenuity, innovation, sheer hard work and ultimately success.
Monday, January 10, 2011 - 10:19
<p>Mystery is part of the show when it comes down to poker playing. Being able to wear a poker face can be considered a valued skill when it comes to playing cards and can make the difference between winning and loosing.
Monday, January 10, 2011 - 11:09
<p>Full Tilt Poker felt the pain when Swedish online poker star “isildur1” now revealed as Viktor Blom was signed away from the poker room by the PokerStars camp. Trying to fill that void may prove difficult for Full Tilt but they are attempting to add a new face or two to their team of great professional card players.
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - 11:10
<p>The story that has been dominating the news for a long time now is the debate on online gambling in the USA. New Jersey legislators have passed a law that effectively makes internet gambling legal in their state opening the issue to even further speculation.
Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - 12:04
<p>Some online fans are really excited lately with the announcement that the leading online gambling software provider Microgaming will be available on the Android platform.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - 09:16
<p>Consolidation has become a process many online gambling operators are moving forward on with mixed results. The company 888 Holdings which operates the 888 Casino brand and has been at the forefront of the online gaming industry for over ten years, gives both players and B2B partners a world-class gaming experience.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - 10:26
<p>Sunplus is a major sports book platform provider that has evolved over the past 10 years and is the chosen supplier to some of the largest sportsbooks in the world.
Thursday, January 13, 2011 - 10:19
<p>FremantleMedia, a leading creator and producer of entertainment brands has announced <br />Simon Murphy will head up the gambling division, which will now be integrated into FremantleMedia Enterprises the company’s commercial brand extension arm.
Friday, January 7, 2011 - 11:19
<p>CTXM is a developer of efficient turnkey solutions, including gaming foundation platforms, online casino software, fixed odds games and payment solutions.<br />Since 2004, CTXM has developed over 100 gaming applications, 20 titles for PC, XBOX Live and iPhone and has co-published over 100 casual game titles in Central and Eastern Europe.
Friday, January 7, 2011 - 10:26
<p>Big wins are noteworthy in the world of online gambling and this particular online slots Jackpot from the Playtech powered online casino Europa Casino is a massive one.
Saturday, January 1, 2011 - 14:38
<p>When a new product comes along in the internet gambling world some people sit up and take notice and give it a try. A new casino has just gone live from the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. <br />Totally Wicked Casino, owned by online casino operator Total E Soft Limited of the United Kingdom says it will live up to it’s name.
Sunday, January 2, 2011 - 10:03
<p>One of the most successful gambling operators William Hill operates worldwide, employing approximately 16,600 people with main offices in the United Kingdom republic of Ireland and more recently Gibraltar. The ringing in of the New Year has brought a tough decision to the table for the company.
Sunday, January 2, 2011 - 10:48
<p>The laws regarding online gambling in the United States of America are still up in the air sort of speak. Various states have been forming their own laws and are very close to regulating online poker and other casino games specifically to augment their failing revenue sources experienced during the recent economic meltdown.
Monday, January 3, 2011 - 11:23
<p>The advent of online gambling has changed the way people choose to spend their free time and of course their hard earned money. In many parts of the world the populations are not allowed to access the internet for the purpose of gambling or social networking.
Monday, January 3, 2011 - 12:04
<p>Lets make a deal is the newest way online gamblers have to find a casino or poker room that gives them the best bonuses. To find the right deals, today's players search affiliate sites and are exposed to a huge variety of promotional offers that are simply not the right fit for the player’s needs.
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 11:19
<p>The top story for online poker fans in the USA is the negative news that the Republican swing in the House of Representatives has stalled the regulation and legalization of the past time for another indefinite period.&nbsp; <br />US politics being very slow to begin with the addition of Spencer Bachus from Alabama being named chairman of the House Financial Services Committee
Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - 12:02
<p>In January of 2010 almost a year ago the newspapers in the State of California were already looking forward to the end of the age of Arnold. Reporters were beginning to ask which of the candidates were most likely to support legalizing online gambling.
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - 13:53
<p>Documents explaining the details of four civil forfeiture complaints filed in federal court in the city of Seattle Washington USA were revealed recently showing that federal prosecutors have seized cash sitting in accounts of various banks and payment processing firms. <br />The Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase &amp; Co., Wells Fargo &amp; Co.
Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - 14:23
<p>Pleading&nbsp; guilty in 2008 to one count of violating the federal wire act and agreeing to forfeit $300 million has kept the former online poker billionaire Anurag Dikshit, out of the American slammer. This is the way Federal judges in the USA are going about keeping American’s safe from the evils of online gambling. U.S.
Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 13:35
<p>The statistics are in and online gambling is definitely on a growth spurt according to a new survey. Even though the economic climate in the U.K.
Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 15:27
<p>When it come to the internet domain positioning is a key revenue and hit generator. Basically the most sought after domain names tend to get the most attention when consumers are searching the net to find what they are looking for.