Jackpot Factory Online Casino Group Interview

The Jackpot Factory group own a number of online casino properties. When the opportunity came up to interview a senior person in the company, Online-Casinos.com couldn't resist in finding out what goes on behind the scenes...

Online-Casinos.com Interview The Jackpot Factory Gambling Group

[Online Casinos] David - thanks for your time in giving this interview. Firstly, Could you tell the Online-Casinos.com readers how you fit into the Jackpot Factory set-up?

[Jackpot Factory] First of all, it's a pleasure to be here. I've been at the Jackpot Factory for around three-and-a-half years now. I started working as a customer service manager and now I oversee the PR department for us and our casinos.

[Online Casinos] I know the Jackpot Factory runs a number of online sites, but exactly which properties fall under the Jackpot Factory banner?

[Jackpot Factory] We operate four casinos: All Jackpots Casino, All Slots Casino, First Web Casino, and Wild Jack Casino. In addition, the Wild Jack brand has a poker room, too, Wild Jack Poker.

[Online Casinos] A decent number there then! Am I right in thinking that the Jackpot Factory group is celebrating its 6 th year anniversary?

[Jackpot Factory] Yeah, that's right. We're one of the pioneers and remember the early days when the industry was still in its infancy.

[Online Casinos] That's quite a long time in the online casinos world which suggests you must be doing something right! What is it in your opinion that makes the Jackpot Factory casinos so appealing to online players?

[Jackpot Factory] All of our casinos offer an intimate gaming experience, which stems from honest play and our top-notch 24-7 support. We've discovered that this makes a huge difference in the online casino world. We also have exciting cash back bonuses and our promotions are known to be the best throughout the industry.

[Online Casinos] I notice that all your casinos operate using Microgaming software. Why have you decided to run all your casinos on this platform?

[Jackpot Factory] Because Microgaming is the first and best online casino software provider.

[Online Casinos] I guess during the 6 years you've been operating you've seen some pretty big winners. Can you share with the Online-Casinos.com readers the biggest bit of luck someone's had at your casino?

[Jackpot Factory] It's hard to say, because we've had a lot of winners. The Jackpot Factory has paid out over $4 billion to date. This past February a player at All Slots won $895,000 on a progressive slot game. Plus, several of our players have won big in their first week, and last month, an All Jackpots player won $270,000 on Major Millions.

[Online Casinos] Very nice! So… care to make an Online-Casinos.com player the next Major Millions winner?!

[Jackpot Factory] It would be my pleasure! Truly! [Chuckling] But seriously, the games are governed by an independent auditor, which means we have absolutely no control over the outcome. Games are controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG) They are checked and monitored by auditors.

[Online Casinos] Some of the visitors to Online-Casinos.com are new to the world of online gambling. What advice would you give to them in picking a casino to play at?

[Jackpot Factory] I'd recommend doing a thorough check on several established casinos that have a good long track record. This can be done on various casino forums that grade casinos on a number of things including: credibility, trustworthiness, payout schedule, and reliability. And of course the reviews at online-casinos.com are a great source of information.

[Online Casinos] Good advice! Obviously gambling for most people is a harmless past time, but I myself know how easy it is to get lost in the action. What tips do you have for people to make sure gambling doesn't become a problem?

[Jackpot Factory] This is an important issue, and all our casinos have implemented a strict Responsible Gaming Program. Personally, I strongly recommend that players decide beforehand how much money they are willing to spend, and when winning, players should take occasional breaks and think about the smart time to stop. It's all about control.

[Online Casinos] Points definitely worth remembering there. So… obviously a lot must have happened in the 6 years the Jackpot Factory Group's been running, but what new development can players look forward to at your casino?

[Jackpot Factory] Well, there's always lots going on with us, but I can tell you that just into the new year we'll be re-launching the Wild Jack brand. It's going to be an exciting gaming portal, and in addition to the casino and poker room, Wild Jack Gaming will have a mobile casino and a multi-player casino. Of course, we cannot tell you all the secrets at the moment though!

[Online Casinos] Sounds like us gamblers have a lot to look forward to! Well, thanks for your time David! I found that really interesting! And all of us here at Online-Casinos wish you well for the next 6 years!

[Jackpot Factory] Thank you.

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