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Craps can be an intimidating casino game to the new player – but playing craps properly is actually not difficult at all. Yes I know there are many different craps bets – but you don’t have to learn them all to play.

Rules For Craps

The good news is that you don’t have to learn about every single type of bet to play and enjoy the game. Most of the more difficult bets offer terrible odds for the player anyway – so why even bother to learn about such bets at all? But more about that later.

In craps, there is no maximum to the number of players allowed to place bets on the outcome of one or more rolls with the two dice. Below we are going to have a closer look at the rules for craps. Throwing the dice is handled by the betters themselves in turn. The player standing to the left of the player who has just finished a round of throws with the dice – is the next one to throw the dice – and so on.

Lets have a look at a craps table below:

One side of a Standard Craps Table - The other side of the table is similar to this side of the table

A normal craps table has three sections. A middle section where the stickman and the boxman each has a side of the table. Furthermore there are two identical sections – each one of the sides is handled by a dealer and the other side of the table is for the players. The dealers handle the exchange of chips – collects losing bets – and pays winning bets. The dealers can also help players place their bets. The boxman is the one who is responsible for the real money – he can exchange your money to chips. It is also his job to make sure that the game is played properly; a difficult job with all the action going on at a craps table. The box man is the one who is on the lookout for cheaters – fake dice and stuff like that. The stickman is the one who handles everything that has to do with the dice – handing them to players and so on. The stickman is also the one who places the so called proposition bets – in the middle section of the craps table.

The craps rules are best explained by going through the process of a game.

Often the spots around the craps table will have numbers – if you are number one you start out with throwing the dice. The stickman will first hand you a collection of dice – from which you must pick two die. Don’t fumble around with the dice too much as the casino will be watching for players trying to use there own fake dice. Your title is now “the shooter“; as you are the one who throws the dice and produces the outcome that will determine the fate of every bet made at the craps table.

Your first roll is called the come-out roll. This initial roll will either produce a outcome that will determine if you have won or lost immediately – OR – your first roll will start a new procedure with more rolls with the dice.

Before you start throwing the dice you will have to place either a Pass Line Bet or a Don’t Pass Bet. After you have placed your bet you must take your position at one of the ends of the craps table and throw the dice pass the stickman – hard enough for the dice to hit the other end of the table before coming to a stop.

All craps shooters must throw the dice this way, because when the dice have to hit the wall and fall back on the table it makes it less likely that players can cheat.

Visual Craps Instructions

The Come – Don’t Come Bets

If you really hate just standing there doing nothing waiting to find out if you win or lose on your pass line bet and odds bets – don’t worry – at anytime during the game you can place yet another bet while the shooter is trying to make his point roll.

Such a bet is the Come bet or the Don’t Come bet. You can place such a bet by placing chips on the area marked – COME – or – Don’t Come Bar.

The Come and Don’t Come bets are very similar to the pass line/don’t pass bets – in fact, they are the same except that you can not place a come or don’t come bet in the very first roll (the come out roll). The Come and don’t come bets are simply an additional pass line bet or don’t pass bet that you can make during a point roll. These craps bets are won or lost according to the exact same craps rules as the pass line bets and don’t pass bets.

So if you place a Come bet you will instantly win if 7 or 11 is rolled. Whereas you instantly lose if 2, 3 or 12 is rolled. If none of the above numbers are rolled – a point is established and your Come bet will be moved to that point (number, digit). So it’s possible to have many different points in one game of craps – the pass line point bet with the On/Off marker and the Come point with your come bet. The following rolls with the dices will now act as point rolls also for this point. If this point is rolled before a 7 is rolled – you win your come point bet. If a 7 is rolled before you make this additional point you lose your come point bet.

Just like when placing a pass line bet or a don’t pass bet – you can also add odds bets to your come bet or don’t come bet.

Perhaps you are starting to get confused – You have now learned about the pass line bet – the don’t pass bet – the odds bets and here is have explained the Come and Don’t Come bets…..and there are even more bets in craps. The good news is that you don’t have to know about these special craps bets – you don’t even have to know about the Come and Don’t come bets – you can do fine with just placing pass line bets and taking the odds.

The Don’t Pass Bet

Instead of making a Pass Line Bet, you can place your money on a Don’t Pass Bet. As the name of this bet suggests, this bet is the opposite of a Pass Line Bet. You can place a Don’t Pass Bet by placing a wager in the area called the Don’t Pass Bar. As you can see this field also has a illustration of two sixes – this is because this combination has a special meaning.

One side of a Standard Craps Table - The other side of the table is similar to this side of the table

When you have placed a wager on Don’t Pass – the fate of your bet will be decided according to the following craps rules:

Pass Line Bet By

Pass line bets are the most frequently placed bets at the craps table. You place a pass line bet by placing chips inside the area of the table called Pass Line – this area runs along the edge of the table just in front of all the players.

One side of a Standard Craps Table - The other side of the table is similar to this side of the table

When the dice are rolled and a outcome is produced one of the following things happen:

Pass line bets are the most frequently placed bets at the craps table. You place a pass line bet by placing chips inside the area of the table called Pass Line – this area runs along the edge of the table just in front of all the players.

One side of a Standard Craps Table - The other side of the table is similar to this side of the table

When the dice are rolled and a outcome is produced one of the following things happen:

If you win you can continue as the shooter – if you lose you must pass on the rights to throwing dice to the next player in line. However you can at anytime stop acting as the shooter – there are always plenty of other players willing to throw the dice.

That was the pass line bet. I hope that you agree with me when I say that playing craps is not difficulty at all. Especially when you play it at the best craps casinos online.

The Odds Bets

In Craps you can add another bet to your original Pass Line Bet or your Don’t Pass Bet – such a bet is the Odds Bet. A Odds Bet is when you add more money to your original wager – if the original bet is not won or lost on the come out roll. In other words, you can place a odds bet once a point has been established.

Odds bets are won to true odds – so there is absolutely no house edge on a odds bet. If for example, the point 5 has been established – the chances of winning a pass line bet are 4 against 6. There is a 4/36 chance of rolling a 5 again – against a 6/36 risk of rolling a 7. If you win such a bet you will be paid according to true odds – so a odds bet on the Pass Line bet will be paid 3-2. Whereas if you have made a similar Don’t Pass bet – and 5 is the point you have the odds of winning on your side with 6-4. So a don’t pass odds bet with 5 as the point only pay 2-3 – true odds again – a bet with no house edge at all.

As the odds bets has no house edge, you should definitely add odds bets to your pass line bets or Don’t Pass bets – this is called taking the odds. Making odds bets reduces the overall house edge on the total bet. Normally you will only be allowed to place a odds bet that is double as big as the original pass line bet or don’t pass bet – this reduces the overall house edge in craps to only 0.85%. This is one of the best bets in the casino – so make sure to place the maximum odds bet allowed.

A few casinos offers you the chance to bet behind even bigger odds bets then the regular double your pass line bet – If a casino allows you to bet behind 10x odds this is great. The meaning of 10x odds is simply that you are allowed to place a bet that is 10 times as bit as your original pass line bet – so this will reduce the overall house advantage even further then the example above.

Below I have made a table so you can compare the overall impact of the house edge the size of the maximum odds bet has – assuming that you actually do place the maximum odds bets allowed.

So, if you can find a game that offers you the option of betting behind 100x odds – you can reduce the house advantage to only 0.02% – note that is not a 2% house edge but much less; two hundredths of one percent. However placing 100x odds bets is probably going to a BIG bet – but statistically you should place the maximum odds bet allowed. If you cant afford placing the max. odds bets allowed at least you should place some odds bets to reduce the house advantage.

Other Craps Bets

There is even more to craps then we have already covered – the good news is that you really don’t have to know anything about these craps bets to play craps properly. Most – but not all – of these special craps bets have a terrible, high house advantage – so why go through the troubles of learning about them at all?

One side of a Standard Craps Table - The other side of the table is similar to this side of the table

Place Number Bets

Place number bets are some of the most popular types of bets at the craps table. Place number bets are only allowed after the come-out roll. A place number bet can be placed on 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and/or 10. Place number bets win if the number they are placed on is thrown before a 7 is rolled. The odds offered by the casino for these place number bets are shown below – including the house advantage on each bet.

As you can see in the table above; making a place number bet on 6 or 8 is not bad at all.

The Proposition Bets

The middle section of the table is where you will find the so called Proposition bets – and that is just what they should continue to be – suggestions for additional bets. All these proposition bets will either win or lose on the next roll. You can see on the craps table what bets it’s possible to make and what the payout is for each bet. However you should note that the payout does not inform you of the odds of the bets. If for example you place a bet on 6+5 and win you get 15 for 1. So if you place $1 you will get $15 back including your own $1 – so the odds for this bet is only 14-1. The real chance of winning this bet is 2 against 34 – or 1/17. So the true odds should be 17-1 – the odds offered by the casinos it is not even close to that – don’t make this kind of bets at all. Below you can learn more about some of the different proposition bets.

The proposition bets are only for players who do not know how to play craps at all – the odds for the players are not good.

Big 6 & Big 8

These betting areas are given considerable space on the craps table – and there is a reason for that. The casino has a 9.09% edge on bets on big 6 or big 8. You can make these bets at any time during a game, You win if a 6 or an 8 is thrown before a 7. The major drawback to these bets is that they pay only even money. You are much better off making a place number bet on the 6 or 8 instead, which has a much lower house advantage.

The Field Bet

The Field bet area is also large and like above also for a good reason. The casino has a 5.50% edge on all bets placed there. Field bets are won or lost on one roll of the dices. If a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 is thrown, the players with chips in this area win while a 5, 6, 7 or 8 causes players making a field bet to lose.

Private Craps Advice

Craps is a very dangerous game to play in private company – especially if you are with a crowd of people you don’t know. My advice is that you should only play private craps with people you know – or at least know the correct odds very well. Even small adjustments to the rules can have a huge impact on the expected return and can cost you a lot of money.

In private craps the shooter always plays against the other players – the other players will also make bets among them. In private craps there is a small difference from the craps rules used in the casino. When you play private craps the shooter will lose all craps rolls made during a come out roll – craps is 2-3 and 12. There is no standoff like in the casino.

It’s not unusual that the odds used in private craps are the same as in the casino – so the odds are very much against the shooter as he also loses on any craps.

There are a couple of golden rules you should follow if you play craps in a private crowd: