Best Bets Craps Strategy By

I don’t offer a “winners guide to craps” – as there are no craps strategies that will beat the house edge in the long run. But I do have a ‘best bets’ craps strategy for you. This craps strategy will ensure that you get the most entertainment for your gambling dollar – and the best possible chance of beating craps.

If you want a fair chance of winning at the craps table – you must only place the bets that offer you the best-expected return over the long run.

You shall:

These bets have the lowest house edge and thereby gives you the best possible chance of winning at the craps table. Please note however that the casinos still have the edge in the long run – no matter what kind of bets you are making. That does not mean that you cannot win big in the short run. But it does mean that you should quit playing craps while you are ahead – if you don’t you will eventually end up losing your money to the casino.

If you play as I have suggested above – you will once in a while be able to walk away from the craps table with a nice win and you will for sure get the best entertainment for your gambling dollar, as you will be able to play for many hours following this strategy. And hopefully be very successful at the top craps casinos.

Perhaps you want to use a betting strategy while playing craps? Please note that no betting system will make you win in the long run – but that does not mean that using betting strategies is not a lot of fun.