Ever Pray to a God of Gambling? Here Are Our 5 Favorites!

When we think about gambling, we tend to think about the twinkling lights of Las Vegas, green felted card tables and brightly colored one-arm bandits. Right? This might be what gambling is like today, but it actually has a history that goes back for centuries. Throughout history it has served as an important way of settling arguments, winning belongings and even freedom. Nowadays you might cross your fingers or don your lucky socks. In the past, people turned to divine inspiration for lucky guidance – the gods. Read on to find out all about the wise gods and goddesses of gambling, and maybe, just maybe, they might bring you a little fortune too.
The goddess Lakshmi.
Published on: 30 July 2019

Lakshmi – Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity

The Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. Lakshmi is probably the most celebrated deity on this list. Still worshipped today, she is usually linked to Hindu traditions but is also important in Jainism and within Buddhism. Not bad going to be worshipped by three different religions for well over a couple of thousand years! She is the eternal consort of Vishnu, perhaps the most important god in Hinduism, and serves as the source of his strength. She came from the churning seas of the primordial ocean, and ever since has served as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

However, despite her ability to bring luck, she is just as happy to scorn those who do not deserve it. When Indra, god of war, became too arrogant, she hid at the bottom of the sea for a thousand years, leaving him in a losing battle against the attacking demons. Indra had to make amends for his mistakes for a millennium but eventually the gods raised her from the ocean to help defeat the attackers.

This is a cautionary tale. While she is quick to reward those who deserve her gifts, Lakshmi is just as swift to bring a terrible fate to those who are unworthy. Even the gods suffer when she deems them too greedy!

Hermes – The Crafty Greek God of Gambling

Hermes – The Crafty Greek God of Gambling. You might have already heard of Hermes. He’s the Greek messenger to the gods with a little round hat and winged sandals. He lives up on Mount Olympus with his dad Zeus and 11 other Olympians. As soon as his mom, Maia, gave birth to him, it was clear he was special. Hermes was conceived, born and grew up in the course of one day. Hermes is known as the ‘divine trickster’, and it turns out he was up to his cheeky antics from day one. In fact, he stole his half-brother’s cattle and invented the lyre before the first day was out! It’s because of Hermes’ reputation as a cunning trickster and his ability to outsmart the other gods that he has been adopted as a god of gambling. Hermes has been called crafty, a thief and a cheat, but people have prayed to him for good luck since the invention of the dice – which was one of his too.

Macuilxochitl – The Aztec God of Living Pleasures

The Aztec god Macuilxochitl . This Aztec god is one of a group of five deities called the Ahuiateteo, which represents excess and overindulgence. The number five also represents this idea of excess. The name Macuilxochitl literally means ‘five flower’. Every one of these five deities has a name beginning with the number five. They are also the names of days in the Aztec calendar, known as the ‘tonalpohualli’. Macuilxochitl, who is also known as Xochipilli, or ‘flower prince’ is a god of many things. This god presides over some of the most wonderful and creative pleasures in life. Music, dancing, painting, writing, feasts, games and indeed gambling are all associated with this god. Macuilxochitl does not come without danger though, and is one who draws the line between pleasure and excess. Those who have indulged inappropriately could be on the receiving end of boils, hemorrhoids and venereal disease! This sure is a god that you’d want to stay on the nice side of, so we can see why the Aztec people prayed and even given sacrifices to Macuilxochitl!

Nohoilpi – The Great Navajo God of Gambling

Nohoilpi, The Navajo God of GamblingAlso known as the Great Gambler, Nohoilpi is a Navajo god shrouded in myth. Nohoilpi loved to play games, and was good at them too, for he would always win. He wore a huge turquoise talisman – every gambler likes to have a lucky charm. He would go about challenging people to games that he knew full well he’d win. After some time, used to winning bet after bet and getting whatever he pleased in the process, Nohoilpi had gotten cocky. By this point, he had won houses and even the families who lived in them. He enslaved these poor people and used them to build a city in honor. This abuse did not go unnoticed though. Other Navajo deities spotted his evil deeds and came up with a plan to teach him a lesson. During a night of mystical singing and dancing, the gods gave an ordinary man special gambling powers, so that he might beat Nohoilpi and win the freedom of all those who had enslaved. With their help the man won, stripping Nohoilpi of everything he had. The people were freed and Nohoilpi was sent away, up into the sky. This cautionary tale serves as a useful lesson for even the best gambler – greed has its consequences and no one, not even a god of gambling, is invincible!

Nezha – The Chinese God of Fortune

The Chinese god of fortune. Nezha is the mischievous Chinese god of gambling, said to reveal winning lottery numbers. Nezha was sent to his mom’s womb by the Jade Emperor to defeat the demons on earth. His mom, Lady Yin, was pregnant for three and a half years before finally giving birth to a ball of flesh. His dad, Li Jing, was livid, thinking that it was some kind of demon. Drawing his sword, he attacked the fleshy ball and split it in two. Out came Nezha, not as a wailing infant, but a walking, talking boy! One day, Nezha was playing in the sea with some other little children. In a mistaken incident, Nezha accidentally killed the son of Ao Guang. This was terrible news, for Ao Guang was none other than the East Sea Dragon King. The King was angry and threatened a great flood. Nezha had brought much shame on his family, so the little boy committed suicide.

Thoth – Hermes’ Egyptian Counterpart

The Egyptian god, Thoth. Even if you’ve never heard of Thoth before, you’re bound to recognize him. This Egyptian god is typically portrayed with the body of a man and the head of an ibis bird. Thoth is a god of the moon, wisdom, magic and time. He is also attributed with inventing writing. Thoth was thought of by some as the Egyptian counterpart to Hermes, as they share many similarities. In fact, both Thoth and Hermes were worshipped together in the Temple of Thoth in Khemenu, also known as Hermopolis! Unlike Hermes, he doesn’t have a mom or dad, because he created himself.

This wasn’t the end for Nezha though. His teacher Taiyi Zhenren brought him back to life with some creative additions – a bit like Dr Tenma did for Astro Boy. Nezha now had a fire-tipped spear and a pair of wind fire wheels! He particularly enjoyed using these to fight with his dad, who still hadn’t forgiven him.

All in all, who wouldn’t want to pray for luck to a super-boy with flaming wheels?

Which of These Gods Will Help Your Gambling Luck?

Do you think you deserve the attention of the gods? They may often punish those who are too greedy, but if you are deemed worthy then you can always hope they lend you some of their divine luck. Pick one, or all five, and pray they can provide you with the luck you deserve! To for instance win big on one of the top online casinos available.

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