Online Gambling in Canada and Executive Frustration

Published Saturday, February 01, 2014 -
Online Gambling in Canada and Executive Frustration

Online gambling in Canada is slowly becoming something that players can enjoy but as the Chief Executive Officers of two provincial lottery and gaming corporation have decided it isn’t moving fast enough. Just over a week ago Rod Philips who was head of the  Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, quit his job. Now in British Columbia the head of the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC)  Michael Graydon has announced his resignation after almost six years in the position.

The BCLC board of directors has placed the VP of Casino and Community gaming, Jim Lightbody in charge for the time being. It has been suggested that politics has played a role in the exit by both CEO’s what with the slow and sometimes frustrating slowness that the corporations are experiencing regarding vital changes in the gambling scene in the Canadian provincial jurisdictions. Ontario has been promising its punters an online gambling venue for months but nothing has really materialized yet. Online gambling is being modernized in Ontario. The government is doing everything they can to make it more convenient for online gamblers in Ontario to play casino games and enjoy other gambling experiences.

Graydon and Philips both say they have left the government fold to pursue other opportunities in the private sector. The frustration factor may be one of the leading reasons for the executives to leave their government positions. In Graydon’s case it may be the fact that international online sports books and other offerings give Canadians a better deal what with more liquidity in poker and better odds on sports. The coming legal Ontario online gambling site would likely feature only residents of Ontario which means that only Canadians who live in this province will be able to contribute to the jackpots at the online slots. With international gambling online, Ontario residents can compete for bigger jackpots legally.  The betting on a single sporting event legislation C-290 is still stalled in the Canadian Senate  creating some frustration for administrators.

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