Quickfire At Betfair Online Mobile Casino Soon

Published Saturday, February 01, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Quickfire At Betfair Online Mobile Casino Soon

The internet gambling world is full of choices for the punter and for the operator that must compete in a technically challenging environment. The internet works because there are millions of people involved in some way making it work and at least thousands more making it work better. Those products that offer new and reliable innovation and companies that know that leading edge isn’t great until it is proven are the ones that rise to the top.

Online gambling has many software providers and is run on many platforms but the one that keeps producing games that satisfy is the software from Microgaming. A recent announcement that Microgaming’s  Quickfire offering will now be employed by the U.K.’s Betfair online casino. Betfair is anticipating having the opportunity to offer the new Microgaming offerings.  The Betfair and Microgaming deal includes multiple platform service from Quickfire for new online mobile casino action.

Ashley Sandyford-Sykes the head of Quickfire commented that the games the company has will match the profiles of Betfair customers. Betfair claims at least a million customers around its domains that include a sports betting service and other gaming platforms.

Executive Sandyford-Sykes went on to say, "Our headline slots, branded content and mobile-specific games will undoubtedly meet the requirements of their broad player base," he continued to add,  "Betfair is a welcome addition to the Quickfire platform and we look forward to a longstanding relationship with them."

Quickfire's suite consists of over 400 of Microgaming's top titles, including the Thunderstruck slot and Tomb Raider slot, with more content added each month.

Niki Longmuir, the Product Manager at Betfair, commented, "We believe that their games fit extremely well with our player demographic, particularly the mobile and tablet offering, which comprises some of the most advanced mobile games in the marketplace,"  Longmuir added,  "As technology continues to advance we feel assured that Quickfire will provide us with timely and suitable content to meet our consumer's needs."





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