Online Poker Decline In France Prompts Action

Published Monday, February 03, 2014 -
Online Poker Decline In France Prompts Action

The French online gambling jurisdiction is controlled by the regulating body called ARJEL which has launched its second awareness campaign to inform the public about illegal gaming operators. Only three years since regulated online poker was sanctioned by the government the organization is looking at measures to increase the demand for legal online poker action. The serious decline in the activity and thus the revenues derived from internet poker are being addressed by educating the players about the risks involved while playing at unlicensed web domains.

The new and unconventional advertisements by ARJEL feature men walking around completely nude after they have lost everything including their clothes after playing illegal games.The campaign that is being pushed on radio television and the net says,  "You have only to lose when you play on non-ARJEL regulated websites"

The regulators says it’s all about the consumer and protecting their rights. It is suggested by ARJEL that theft of personal and bank data and problems when trying to cash winnings are among the main issues players may experience if they punt on unlicensed operator web locations. "It is crucial to make players aware of the risks they take when playing on non-regulated operators," the regulator says.

While other jurisdictions are taking different angles to combat the decline in poker activity on regulated sites France has decided to go with education instead of allowing compacts with other European jurisdictions to add to the liquidity of the poker rooms available. The latest poll is indicating that poker activity is declining in not only France but also Italy and Spain.

Former head of ARJEL  Jean François Vilotte and member of the Economic Affairs Committee at the French parliament Damien Abad have been focusing efforts on how France should consider being  more open to modify its online gambling legislation.




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