Ladbrokes Life Gamble Responsibly Adverts A Hit

Published Thursday, May 15, 2014 -
Ladbrokes Life Gamble Responsibly Adverts A Hit

Corporate responsibility is a big part of a good online gambling operator’s mandate. The latest advertisement by the British bookmaker Ladbrokes addresses a major issue for the betting public namely, gambling responsibly. This new advert is considered the first advertising campaign that is dedicated to getting the gamble responsibly message out there.

The introduction of the Ladbrokes Life campaign is entertaining with the different characters that like to bet featured in each spot. Generous John, Mr. Brightside, Gut Truster, The Professor, The Believer, are all featured on the Meet the Betting Men advert already a hit from Ladbrokes. Gary Freeman via The Glue Society shot the advert and the debut piece will be followed up with five separate 30-second biographical adverts based on each of the new characters.

Developed by advertising agency BBH,recently contracted as the ad agency for Ladbrokes. The campaign  celebrates the characteristics of different types of customers and aims to set a less aggressive tone than other betting advertisements.

Mr Brightside, one of the Betting Men characters is seen enjoying a night out with friends despite having earlier losing  a winning football punt because of a decision by a linesman. The advertisement finishes with the message, ‘Please Bet Responsibly’ with no other promotional or sales messages.

Ladbrokes commented that the advert is one of a number of measures it has taken to help promote responsible gambling.

Richard Glynn, CEO of Ladbrokes, commented on the campaign direction, “Most betting customers will recognise the message in the advertisement as something they already practice but we believe it is important to continue to promote responsible gambling to ensure people stay within their limits and don’t take unnecessary risks.” Glynn continued, “It is part of a package of awareness and self-help measures that customers value and appreciate.” He added, “We remain focused on continuing to evolve our approach to promote responsible gambling in conjunction with Government, the Gambling Commission and the industry.”



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