Japan Explores Legalizing Casino Gambling

Published Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - Online-Casinos.com
Japan Explores Legalizing Casino Gambling

The gambling industry globally has many diverse situations where in some jurisdictions gambling is still not a legal pastime while in other places it has been regulated and become acceptable.

In Japan for instance proponents of legal gambling have been pushing the issue for more than a decade. A recent bill, which will be submitted by Hiroyuki Hosoda, the deputy secretary-general of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, is a step in the direction those proponents want. The shuffling of the Casino issue in parliament has led to the long delay but with this bill the first part of a two-stage process could eventually lift the prohibition on gambling in prosperous Japan.  Should the bill pass, the government will be required to take legislative steps within a year to open up the market for the gaming industry.

Masahiko Shibayama, the chair of the lower house's cabinet committee commented recently, "At a committee meeting tomorrow, the bill will be explained and a question-and-answer session will be held."  

Toru Mihara, adviser to politicians moving for the legislation also commented, "We have to remind ourselves that this is just the start, and until we see gambling become legal, we must keep up our efforts,"

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has just visited Singapore and after his review of the casinos there said, "Integrated resorts will be a main feature of my growth strategy," The growth strategy relates to the efforts to increase tourism to Japan in conjunction with the staging of the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020. The slow progress indicative of Japanese political change is also present with this bill. Politicians are saying passage won't take place during the current 150-day session due to end June 22. Recently Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga pointed out the benefits casinos could have for the economy, noting that the government will be setting up systems to keep corruption out of the industry. It is likely that should casinos come to Japan online operators will be positioned in the loop.







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