Online Poker Innovations Slow in Coming

Published Wednesday, August 06, 2014 -
Online Poker Innovations Slow in Coming

Online gambling was at one time fueled by the internet poker craze that seems to be in decline in 2014. That being said online poker is still very popular and does represent a big portion of online gambling revenues. To combat the declining revenues poker rooms have been devising new styles of play including rapid poker that many rooms have begun offering. Deciding what poker game to play can sometimes be a difficult choice for the novice who is still looking for a favourite.

There are innovations in the field that seemed ultra chick in 2006 when PKR 3D poker created an experience like no other, but it is too slow a game for the authentic or ‘Real’ online poker player. Virtual reality poker still serves a niche market that still competes with the big early online offering by Poker Stars and Party Poker.

Today the targeting of their audience is still a priority for the operators as the majority of poker players know what’s up and what is available from the various rooms in the relatively vast internet market. The best way to be introduced to online poker and its many facets is to dig into the amazing information available on which will review and grade before your hard earned cash is invested.

While the choices seem to be endless many of them are not that innovative. The concept of autonomous tables has really taken off and the standard No-Limit Hold’em has innovations such as 2-7 Triple Draw and others that can add interest to the gaming. Other significant things that have made poker a better bet are the schools now online that teach the tricks that only poker pros knew before. Hand histories and session stats are better than they’ve ever been on the major online poker sites and it’s the information only adds to a players know how. It used to be that when you were learning poker and you lost a hand you might not necessarily understand why.


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