Online Sports Betting Issue in New Jersey Now Over

Published Tuesday, August 12, 2014 -
Online Sports Betting Issue in New Jersey Now Over

The concept of being able to bet on sporting events online in the Garden State of New Jersey has now become a dead issue. The drive to legally offer online sports betting in the third state in America to legalize internet betting has been met with a judgement by the Supreme Court denying the jurisdiction the opportunity to proceed.

The State missed the boat to opt into the existing laws regarding sports betting referring to 1992 when New Jersey was given the chance along with Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana to do offer those products.

Governor Chris Christie has finally put the endeavour he once supported to rest even though he introduced a sports wagering bill to challenge the federal law which was ultimately defeated. Resistance from sports leagues such as the NBA, NFL, and NHL was enough to convince the Supreme Court to keep New Jersey out of the loop.

Christies recent veto of the two bills S-2250/A-3476 has been seen as a blow to the ailing gambling industry in New Jersey and especially to the efforts of operators to launch a comprehensive online gambling industry that includes major sporting events. Defending his decision to close down the argument at last and not waste any more tax payers money on a lost cause Christie said, “While I do not agree with the Circuit Court’s decision, I do believe that the rule of law is sacrosanct, binding on all Americans. That duty adheres with special solemnity to those elected officials privileged to swear and oath to uphold the laws in our nation… [ignoring federal law is] counter to our democratic traditions and inconsistent with the Constitutional values I have sworn to defend and protect.”

At times laws have not kept up with changes in society. The people of New Jersey voted for the changes to allow them to bet on sports. But then in New Jersey it is also illegal to slurp soup….no kidding.


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