Online Gambling Questioned in Court in India

Published Monday, August 18, 2014 -
Online Gambling Questioned in Court in India

The huge market for gambling products in India has brought online rummy and card games involving stakes under scrutiny by judges of the Supreme Court in that country. The Court will decide whether the online card games conform to existing laws that strictly prohibits any form of gambling. The argument lies in the games being primarily skill rather than just chance.

The service providers are arguing with various government departments that the games they provide are within the law and they have put top lawyers one a former law minister, on the job of clearing the path for clarity. Head Infotech India Ltd and Play Games 24 X 7 Ltd,  run the popular game websites such as and RummyCircle. com, respectively. Play Games 24X7 is funded by hedge fund company Tiger Global Management which has 2 million users.
Head Infotech is run by Indian Institute of Technology alumni and it is determined to make the point that these games are not gambling. Companies claimed that they offered a service for which they charged a small one-time fee when a customer registered with the site.

The game itself was allegedly a matter of skill with the winner taking all the proceeds. Therefore this game cannot be called gambling, the lawyer commented. The service firms said they did benefit from the number of people entering the site regularly but this wasn't profiting for that in any way. Tiger Global Management, LLC was founded in 2001 and is based in New York, New York with additional offices in Singapore, Singapore and Beijing, China. offers the simplest online multi-player rummy game in popular formats for free and for cash. The website offers an extremely secure playing environment with multiple payment options and a quick withdrawal system. Skill or not skill the decision on Rummy is coming from the Supreme Court soon.


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