Bitcoin Online Poker Coming From Nitrogen Sports

Published Tuesday, September 16, 2014 -
 Bitcoin Online Poker Coming From Nitrogen Sports

Hasher’s United is the first global conference that focuses on the critical issues facing virtual currency miners. The event will be held at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino located in Las Vegas, Nevada USA on October 10th and 11th, 2014 and some people may be wondering what this has to do with online gambling. It means the bitcoin industry is alive and well and is still important to online gamblers.

Most online betting is done with traditional currencies but there are a growing number of gamblers who use crypto money such as bitcoin. The conference will explore pertinent issues, and delve into the technical realities and working solutions. It is interesting that there is a conference on mining bitcoins and other cyber money happening in Las Vegas where right now bitcoins are not allowed to be used for gambling on casino floors in Nevada. Although the cyber currency ATM has made its way to Vegas with the first one that will convert cyber to solid being installed on the strip a few months ago.

Bitcoin use is being accepted in many more jurisdictions even after its stellar rise and fall last year. Costa Rican based Nitrogen Sports, is going the same path as Seals with Clubs, Silk Poker, Betcoin Poker, Switch Poker, WinPoker, and others, by allowing poker players to fund their accounts using bitcoin currency. Nitrogen Sports said in a press release posted to its website, “It’s clear to us that online gambling would hugely benefit from embracing Bitcoin, the biggest benefits being instant transactions, low transaction costs, anonymity, and security. Extending those benefits to a community of poker players was an easy decision for us,”

Bitcoin has been used for online gambling for some time although it has not been a smooth ride for the currency. Just recently Newsweek reported bitcoin payment processor Coinbase closed the accounts of both U.S. and foreign customers seeking to transfer bitcoins out of gambling web sites.


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