Online Gambling's Ayre Not Hiding From US Justice

Published Saturday, October 11, 2014 -
Online Gambling's Ayre Not Hiding From US Justice

The online gambling industry has had its share of problems over the years in the United States mostly over allegations of wrong doing by various operators leveled by the Department of Justice. The crackdown on online gambling operators who have skirted the ambiguous laws in America to do business has proved financially lucrative for the US justice system.

A while back the well known and flamboyant online gambling entrepreneur Calvin Ayre was put on notice that the Department of Justice was on his trail with charges he breached the Wire Act and has participated in money laundering within the USA. In 2012 a federal grand jury indicted Calvin Ayre, along with his accountant James Philip, Controller and e-Commerce Chief David Ferguson, and media buyer Derrick Maloney, to stand trial for allegedly operating an illegal sports betting operation from 2005 to 2012. Federal prosecutors in Maryland are making another attempt to have the owners of Bodog now called Bovada extradited to the US to stand trial for the alleged infractions.

US Attorney Richard Kay said recently in a letter to the judge presiding over the case, that he was determined “to try to find a resolution that will not require extradition of the defendants,” but, he added, “in the meantime, I am pursuing extradition.” Rebutting the system’s control over Calvin Ayre’s affairs Ayre said, “the online gaming industry is legal under international law” and the indictments are “an abuse of the US criminal justice system,”

Ayre lives in Antigua and Barbuda the tiny island nation that has had a trade dispute with the USA for many years now without any resolve. The WTO awarded Antigua a settlement in its argument with the USA which shredded the island’s online gambling industry in 2006 with the passage of the UIGEA.

America does have an extradition treaty with Antigua but there seems to be no movement from the government there to facilitate the request. Calvin Ayre is not in hiding and makes no secret of the fact that he resides in Antigua.




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