Mobile Social Casinos Revenue Potential

Published Sunday, February 22, 2015 -
Mobile Social Casinos Revenue Potential

It was estimated in 2007 that Global Gambling revenue exceeded $300 billion US dollars and that did not include internet betting. The newest form of gambling has had an impact like no other in the history of wagering. Technological advances in wireless technology have made mobile devices a source of endless entertainment for millions of people.

The instant play by play and opportunities to participate in the action is the concept behind the social casino and card rooms on the internet. There are many business reports being created that talk about the latest race to develop and monetize social networks. The trend is definitely causing some changes in the gambling industry which some companies view as the next gold mine.

There are statistics on the net that may confirm that this belief may prove to be true with the advent of the social casino sector, allowing operators to enter markets which were previously inaccessible due to tight anti-gambling regulations. Small changes such as the trend towards smart phone and tablet use  could see social casino games, become a lucrative sector in the global online gaming industry. There is an estimated 173 million gamers worldwide, online social casino gaming revenue is expected to grow to $2.5 billion across all platforms in 2015.

The potential to get in on the ground floor for investors in the trend is being sold well by start ups who are taking the plunge with mobile devices and they are using the law to help build a following for the casual real money punter who likes betting on a sport or at a virtual casino for real cash.

The free to play social casino games are being advertized and influencing those who are into playing mobile games with friends while on the bus or in line at the ball game and the social casino operators gain revenue through banners shown during the game, or when players click on advertising.




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