American Sports League Seeks European Gambling Sponsors

Published Monday, May 11, 2015 -
American Sports League Seeks European Gambling Sponsors

Legal gambling on sporting events is an industry that many countries have regulated and made relatively safe for punters. The problem of match fixing has been an issue for regulators that know that corruption is a difficult problem to eradicate. In the USA for example the betting on sports is illegal for the most part. New Jersey has been trying to change the legal landscape in America regarding sports betting online of otherwise without much luck.

Things are changing slowly in the USA which has some major league sports organizations lobbying the government authorities to allow legal wagering in other US jurisdictions. The sports organizations do realize that corruption is still a problem and are maintaining that with online gambling on sports there is a greater chance that operators will detect any unusual betting patterns and act accordingly.

According to a recent report by NBC Sports the National Basketball League in America is working on securing an official partner in the many regulated markets in the Europe which allow punters to wager on professional sports leagues originating in the States. Online gambling operators in Europe have secured sponsorship deals with teams involved in the English Premier Football League and the American sports organizations are hoping to duplicate that successful venture.

 “The NBA has seen the success that English Premier League soccer clubs have had with sports betting operators, and they’re following that same model,” a unnamed source commented.  “They’ve seen the naming rights and the size of those deals, and they understand that it’s an opportunity to open up another revenue stream overseas, in the hundreds of millions of dollars.” It is obvious that the NBA is seeking to increase revenues. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has supported expansion efforts to regulate the sports betting market in the USA and has stated that doing so would generate additional revenue for professional sports leagues in America.




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