Euromat Summit Explores Potential In Cyber Gambling

Published Friday, May 29, 2015 -
Euromat Summit Explores Potential In Cyber Gambling

The European Gaming and Amusement Federation is a Brussels located federation of the trade associations in Europe representing the gaming and amusement industry within the European Union political arena, it was established in 1979 with the overall mission of the organization has been to contribute to the creation of a healthy business and legal environment for the gaming industry within the Union.  

This over site organization consists of monitoring EU developments and keeping member associations informed on upcoming changes in the rules which could affect them. The organisation also takes care of disseminating and distributing information on the amusement industry on a regularly.

A recent conference held in Amsterdam was the first for the Federation that was dominated by the information online gambling in the E.U. The initial Gaming Summit was a great success with representatives from many of the European countries which comprised a sizable audience for the summit  held at the Sofitel Legend The Grand Hotel.

 A number of specialist panels spoke on a variety of topics. Internet betting has become a vital part of the gaming world. It was suggested that the summit was intended to be the forum for “the only industry event dedicated solely to the land-based gaming sector,” presentations and responses  did include the new forms of online casinos and the impact that internet availability is having on traditional terrestrial gambling.

This organization may have lost its traditional branding by allowing the online industry to come into the summit. Knowing that the land based industry is not threatened by the internet betting industry means the format is being accepted at an alarming pace. The leaders of the land-based gaming entertainment industry, who have been attending this leading event aimed at setting the policy and business agenda for years in advance want to know more about online gambling. The policy of the summit has been to reinforce relationships between its main stakeholders and improving the commercial performance of the gaming sector overall which now includes cyber gambling.




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