Online Gambling Firms Secure Premier League Deals

Published Monday, August 10, 2015 -
Online Gambling Firms Secure Premier League Deals

The sponsorship of sports has been relegated to various companies that have used the activity to advertize their products. Sports marketing is a relatively new field within the broad concept of marketing. This activity is evolving and changing today as society battles with the free market to decide the legal and ethical boundaries of business. Every level of sports from the little leagues to the professionals has been affected by the sports marketing trend. When tobacco firms were forced to abandon television advertizing they turned to sports for their media exposure. Hotdogs, sub sandwiches, pizza, and soda pop companies turned to advertizing with sports events as the focus.

Sport marketing helps develop memberships, sales, and recognition. Benefits from sports marketing come to the companies, the athletes, the associations, the leagues, and sport event managers. Well planned, effective marketing helps to understand customer trends and the marketplace in general.

In this day and age online gambling firms have been using sporting events and team sponsorship to get their message out there. Recent developments have seen many online gambling companies sponsor major teams in the English Premier League. Arsenal and West Bromwich Albion have become the latest football clubs to arrange deals with the League. Online betting firm Betfair is to become Arsenal’s official betting partner in Europe, excluding the UK, Ireland, Italy and Russia. Betfair will be able to place their logo insight during games played at the club’s Emirates Stadium.

Head of media, PR and sponsorship for Betfair Stephen Mault, commented, “We will offer our range of pioneering products, exclusive offers and promotions to supporters across the season and we look forward to building a successful relationship with both club and fans,”

West Bromwich has made deals with NetBet and TLCBet and has extended its arrangement with online betting services provider Bet365. Head of partnerships at West Bromwich George Harborne, commented, “We are delighted to secure this agreement with bet365 and to continue the relationship we have had with the brand for a number of seasons.”




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