New Deposit System By Online Gambling's Ladbrokes Australia

Published Tuesday, August 18, 2015 -
New Deposit System By Online Gambling's Ladbrokes Australia

Innovation is a key element for positive growth in the online betting industry and those operators that  are ahead of the innovation curve make life better for the internet punter. Ladbrokes Australia has recently revealed a new service called the Cash-IN network which will give gamblers the opportunity to make instant deposits to their accounts at over 1000 gambling kiosks and news agencies in down under.

Ladbrokes Australia is the very first online gambling operator in the industry to launch a ‘Cash-In’ network. Facilitated by the Nparcel payment system and by using online payment codes or pre-paid cards punters can make cash deposits at the many outlets available.   Ladbrokes said with the addition of Cash-In option, it had made its direct access fund options for its Australian customer base much stronger. The firm believes it is the most accessible online operator in Australia with the launch of an ATM card allowing customer instant access to online funds.  

The Chief Marketing Officer for Ladbrokes Australia, James Burnett had thios to say about the new service,  “This is a significant announcement for Ladbrokes Australia, “Cash-in” will be a real game changer.” Burnett continued, “This closes the loop for us by making Ladbrokes Australia the only sports wagering company where you can now put cash in over the counter and directly withdraw from any ATM in Australia as well as get the best odds of SP or best tote.” Mr. Burnett added, “This is innovation at its best – taking our product offering of the Ladbrokes card, plus best odds and bringing an easy way to deposit cash into accounts. Newsagents are a great network and trusted operator in any city or regional area.”

The consumer wins with this approach making online betting a simple and easy to navigate process. Ladbrokes did not say when they would expand the service to other jurisdictions but suggested that it would be coming in the future.



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