USA Online Gambling Ban Proposal Losing Traction

Published Monday, September 28, 2015 -
USA Online Gambling Ban Proposal Losing Traction

The reintroduction of legal online gambling in certain jurisdictions in the USA has caused a reaction from the terrestrial casino owner Sheldon Adelson who has been wagering a campaign to have the activity banned. In efforts to gain support for the anti internet gambling cause Adelson has invested a great deal of money and influence in the American political scene.

Although the influence has been felt in Washington there are other efforts that are being made by organizations that oppose the prohibition of online gambling. Recently the Center of Freedom and Prosperity led an alliance of groups sending a letter to Congress opposing the proposed legislation that would restore America’s Wire Act. The correspondence was sent to the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Robert Goodlatte, the coalition said RAWA is an “outright assault on federalism.”

The group of over ten organizations said in the letter, “The legislation tramples on the Tenth Amendment by banning state regulation of online gambling—further chipping away at the balance between state and federal governance. The bill would overturn state laws already on the books in three states and would prohibit states from selling lottery tickets online for their own constituents—rolling back at least another six state laws,”

The opponents of online gambling in the States has watered down their stance with an altered version of RAWA in order to stop online gambling from spreading to other US jurisdictions. The new proposal called RAWA ` lite` which is in effect an online gambling moratorium.

The group also commented on this tactic by supporters of a ban, “It has also come to our attention that some in Congress are proposing a ‘gaming moratorium’ which would grandfather existing states that have passed laws while prohibiting other states from exercising their rights under the Tenth Amendment. Make no mistake about it, a moratorium is as much an assault on the Tenth Amendment as an outright ban,”



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