New Jersey Gets Another Crack At Legalizing Sports Gambling

Published Wednesday, October 14, 2015 -
New Jersey Gets Another Crack At Legalizing Sports Gambling

The current legal status of online sports betting in the state of New Jersey it that it is still prohibited. The three year legal battle New Jersey has been having with federal regulators is an example of how complex the legal status of online sports betting is in America. The recent decision from the judiciary appeals court granted an appeal of the last decision which upheld prior rules regarding online sports betting. The appeals court voted to reconsider an earlier ruling against the state meaning the August decision will once again be heard in the full 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

Every year in America billions of dollars is wagered on illegal offshore sites. Only Nevada and Delaware are legally able to offer online sports betting and in Delaware it is only multigame parlay betting in which players must pick several games correctly to succeed in a win.  

New Jersey lost in the last suit when the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the four major leagues in professional sports sued New Jersey when the Garden State prepared wanted to offer legal sports gambling.

In light of the recent debate about fantasy sports betting and the need to regulate it even after most of the major league organizations have come on board may be giving supporters of legal online sports betting in New Jersey hope.

In the new argument that gained the State to appeal it was noted that two 2-1 rulings by the 3rd Circuit offer opposing interpretations which would make the issue unresolved. Supporting this claim was the 3rd Circuit Judge Julio Fuentes’ own writing in his dissent from the ruling last August that the two decisions are "precisely the opposite."

The 1992 federal law that prohibits sports gambling may soon find some changes coming with the supporters of sports betting calling the stance the leagues have taken is ‘hypocritical’, saying the leagues condone and profit from sports fantasy leagues gambling.


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