Core Online Gambling Software Launches HTML5

Published Thursday, October 15, 2015 -
Core Online Gambling Software Launches HTML5

The average online gambling services consumer knows little about web programming but depends on the technology to be able to enjoy the latest online gambling opportunities to the fullest. The use of the latest technology today includes HTML5 which by most standards has exceeded the current method of delivery for online content called Adobe Flash. HTML5 and Adobe Flash have their advantages and disadvantages and by exploring their features the consumer can establish the benefits of HTML5 over Flash.

A recent post that online gambling firm Core Gaming has revealed its single code HTML5 for mobile and desktop has consumers looking at the advantages of the change in platforms. Adobe Flash is not supported by iOS and so a Flash file cannot run on an iOS device such as iPad and iPhone. Core Gaming  has already put the new strategy to the test by launching four HTML5 games through the Sky Vegas platform for mobile and desktop.

As of January 2015, YouTube made its default HTML5 players to better support more devices and there are many critics of web developers that maintain that HTML5 is far better than Adobe Flash. Creating content that runs seamlessly on all devices and browsers is the new norm. Core is in synch with today’s technological upgrades by launching HTML5 content.

Chief executive officer of Core Gaming, Justin Chamberlain issued a statement that read, that Core is one of the first companies in the gaming sector to launch such a strategy, adding, “This development proves once and for all that Flash is dead and that Core Gaming must be considered among the best and most advanced content studios in the business,”

 Chamberlain added, “We are one of the first movers on this and our future content for Sky Vegas and all other operators will eventually have to support both mobile and desktop platforms given the inherent security issues around Flash, and considering it has now been blocked by the likes of Firefox.”



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