Pennsylvania Hits Snag In Online Gambling Legislation

Published Saturday, October 24, 2015 -
Pennsylvania Hits Snag In Online Gambling Legislation

Pennsylvania USA is considering changing its current laws regarding gambling to include online betting. The changes in the state laws have been hampered by the anti online gambling group sponsored by Sheldon Adelson which has supporters in the state legislature.

State Representative John Payne a long time supporter of online gambling has brought forth a bill that follows New Jersey’s lead and proposes legalisation of online gambling to existing licence holders in the state. Bill HB649 was on the agenda and it along with other measures is an attempt to fix the problem with the budget in Pennsylvania. There have been five gaming bills that have been proposed so far this year, but the main debate in the House this year has been HB 649.

The Governor of the State of Pennsylvania Mr. Tom Wolf says he’d consider plans to expand gambling in the state, including online gambling although he says that it won’t bring in anything close to what they need to close the deficit problem.

A recent post has revealed that PartyPoker which made history in February 2014 by signing a sponsorship deal with the Philadelphia 76ers basketball franchise. The arrangement was the first time an online gambling company and NBA entity had made a deal. Now however things have changed and less than two years after PartyPoker which is part of the digital entertainment company have decided to part ways with the basketball team.  Chief Executive Officer of the 76ers Scott O’Neill said the agreement featured certain “triggers” allowing for “adjustments based on market opportunity.” It has been suggested that the recent purchase of by GVC Holdings is partly to blame for the dissolve of the arrangement. GVC was making noises at the time of the purchase that it would look to cut costs and it is possible this action was part of that strategy.

There has been a delay in the discussion on Bill HB 649 due to budget negotiations in the House.






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