USA Debates Online Daily Fantasy Sports Legality

Published Friday, November 06, 2015 -
USA Debates Online Daily Fantasy Sports Legality

Presently there are five jurisdictions in the USA that have not authorized daily fantasy sports as a legal activity. Online fantasy sports wagering is not authorized for play in Washington State for example. Another example is Massachusetts which is also looking into advocating daily fantasy sports betting in that state. The new executive director of the Massachusetts Lottery, Michael Sweeney, recently confirmed that the organisation will consider legalising fantasy sports betting in Massachusetts.

The Washington State Gambling Commission will tackle the issue of daily fantasy sports, with a public meeting set for November 12. Bringing political leaders up to speed about daily fantasy sports betting topics that will be covered include, the history of Fantasy Sports as well as the difference between Daily Fantasy Sports & Season Long Fantasy Sports activity. How the games are played and who’s playing them and reasons why Fantasy Sports is not legal in Washington State. The agenda also includes a State-by-State legislative overview of States that have authorized Fantasy Sports play.

In Massachusetts the director of the Massachusetts Lottery Sweeny pointed out that legalising fantasy sports betting in the US state would generate much needed additional revenue for the coffers of the State.  Sweeney explained that the Lottery will now work with the state to investigate the resources and technology required to form  its own daily fantasy sports offering.

Sweeney also said an offering of daily fantasy sports would focus on fairness and player protection. Sweeny continued to say, “By engaging a next-generation player [with its own fantasy game], the Lottery will be creating a new revenue source as opposed to eroding existing offerings.” He continued,   “It is the single largest source of unrestricted funds - nearly $1 billion (€919.1 million) - to the Commonwealth’s 351 cities and towns.” Many US jurisdictions are looking at the regulation of the fantasy sports betting industry with mixed results developing rapidly.












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