E.U. Members Sign Online Gambling Regulatory Agreement

Published Monday, December 07, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
E.U. Members Sign Online Gambling Regulatory Agreement

A few years ago in2013 the European Gaming & Betting Association) European Commission launched formal infringement proceedings against the online gambling legislation of six EGBA member states, along with the issue of two 'reasoned opinions' against Sweden for failing to comply with EU law. The states in question are Belgium, Cyprus, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic. That infringement launch has finally resulted in a new landmark agreement being reached.  

In the June 2013 report 'Online Gambling in the Internal Market'  the European Commission was called upon to monitor and enforce compliance of national laws and practices, launching infringements against those member states which appeared to be breaching the EU laws regarding free e- commerce among nations.  Back then this was perceived as a and it guarded show of force by EGBA put in motion a true standardization process for EU gambling legislation.

Presently it is estimated that more than 7 million people in the EU currently gamble online. Punters who access gambling sites illegally in unregulated jurisdictions risk identity theft and other dangers without recourse or protection from manipulation or corruption.

Efforts to bring an agreement to the European Economic Area states have come together with the signing of the first formal agreement to coordinate integrated cooperation among the gambling authorities of those member states. Issues involving a coordinated effort on tendering procedures and the verification of information provided by other authorities, plus the exchange of technical expertise were included in the agreement. Generally procedures will be established to oversee compliance with national laws, protection and prevention against money laundering, fraud and match-fixing.  

Technology coordination and sharing will include the compilation of gateway files on the countries participating in the agreement. The gateways will provide a synchronized platform for members in areas such as the competence of gambling authorities and limiting laws specific to online gambling that are a concern for privacy and data protection.  







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