Algorithms Check For Harmful Gambling Problems

Published Thursday, December 10, 2015 -
Algorithms Check For Harmful Gambling Problems

Playing at any sport or game requires a certain amount of discipline and it goes without saying that gambling is one of those activities that can lead to trouble if discipline is not exercised. The safety of gambling and its potentially harmful effects are constantly studied in order to better understand the problems and remediate them. Studies have given the operators of online gambling services a picture of the required methods and needs to mitigate gambling addictions and problems.

A recent launch at the Responsible Gambling Trust’s annual conference by the Association of British Bookmakers have utilized research by the Responsible Gambling Trust to develop a platform called the ‘Player Awareness Systems’ (PAS) which is focused on avoidance of gambling related problems. The study revealed that it is possible to distinguish specific behaviour patterns using players at gaming machines in licensed betting operations. Representing 80 percent of the gambling industry with members such as four out of five of the largest operators William Hill, Ladbrokes, Gala Coral and Paddy Power adding their support to the Association of British Bookmakers the Player Awareness Systems’ with succeed.

The Responsible Gambling Trust is an independent national charity funded by donations from the gambling industry. RGT fund-raised £6.5million from the U.K.based gambling industry in 2014/15 and 85% of distributed funds were spent on treatment and harm prevention initiatives.

The use of computer algorithms to determine if a player is exhibiting behaviour that could lead to trouble at betting machines is similar to the type of analysis used in online gambling problem assessments. Behaviour is assessed against a range of markers of problem gambling, a number of analytic algorithms are being used which the organisation said will lead to a more effective processes for each operator as best practice and findings are shared.

ABB chief executive Malcolm George commented, “This is an important and innovative step in our programme of activity to promote responsible gambling,”


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