Australian's Most Prolific Gamblers on Earth

Published Monday, December 14, 2015 -
Australian's Most Prolific Gamblers on Earth

Gambling is thought to be a problem if the punter continues to lose and gets into financial trouble by chasing the possible win. Australian gamblers have long been the most prolific at betting with stats pointing out that Australians gamble more per capita than any other country on the planet.

During the third quarter of 2015 Australia’s citizens spent a record AU$6.5 billion (US$4.8bn) gambling. Despite all attempts to curtail gambling activities in the country the numbers where 6.1% higher than Q3 of 2014, which is equal to more than A$1,000 (US$734) per citizen, twice that of Americans, and nearly three times that of those in the UK. A concerted effort by the government has been made to remind Australian gamblers to do so responsibly has paid off in some ways. In 2000, as an example, roughly 80% of Australians said that they had placed abet or two, and by 2014 that number was reduced to 64%. This indicates there are less Australians gambling, but those who have continued are now betting more than ever.

Dr. Anna Thomas from the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC) explained: “There was a period through the 1990s when there was a great increase in gambling. That then tailed off in the 2000s as the community came to realize the risks involved. But that doesn’t account for people who are still gambling and gambling at very high levels, particularly on pokie machines. There also hasn’t been a drop in problem-gambling issues. There’s a group of people in the population who are experiencing substantial harm. The increased popularity of online sports betting and casino games is sighted as one of the factors contributing to the growing trend, but most critics and analysts say that it is the massive availability of slot machines at land-based venues that have had the greatest effect on the population. In Australia loses to pokies amounts to around AU$9.8 billion a year.

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