Government Betting Bonanza Questioned By US Lobby

Published Thursday, December 24, 2015 -
Government Betting Bonanza Questioned By US Lobby

While surfing the internet to find out about online casinos there are many web locations that are run by governments for lottery horse racing and casino games. There are many benefits of the revenues from gambling that the various government organizations use to fund social programs and support sports and good citizenship.
The long standing argument that governments have become dependent on the gambling revenue continues to be a hurdle for the introduction of online gambling in various jurisdictions. Lobby groups of every stripe are pushing for regulated online casinos and some are even suggesting the government should not be promoting or involved with gambling concerns at all.
The Stop Predatory Gambling Foundation is an example of this sentiment in the USA and its web location asks readers to sign a petition to stop government from being involved in the practice of offering betting to the free cirizens of the USA. It is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C, that claims to be a national, transpartisan, government reform network of individuals, family members and organizations from diverse backgrounds, political convictions and religious faiths.
The group says that the US government’s so called experiment with gambling is one of the biggest public policy failures of the last four decades. They are committed to a more honest, fairer, healthier and more hopeful vision of the path to American prosperity. This organization maintains that wagering is financially damaging and contributes to the institutionalized unfairness and inequality in America.  The aim is to see no taxpayer dollars used by government to attract citizens to gambling leading to uncontrolled debt and that no agency or entity of government should depend on gambling as a revenue source and that no legislature should pass laws to sponsor, promote or subsidize gambling online or off.
The mission this group has embarked upon will be an uphill climb looking at the somewhat dire economic situation in many jurisdictions in the USA.

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