Tain's Online Gambling Platform Still Strong

Published Monday, December 28, 2015 - Online-Casinos.com
Tain's Online Gambling Platform Still Strong

The introduction of online gambling has created many jobs in various sectors with the development of internet betting platforms being a very important one.  Some companies that  got into the industry early have fared well while others have been taken over or failed due to increased competition or other factors. Innovation and changing technology has made the internet wagering experience far more satisfying for players than it was at the start of the gambling revolution.
One example of a firm that has stood the test of time is Tain headquartered in Malta and Sweden which has been on the forefront in developing full-featured solutions for the global gaming industry, providing comprehensive player management and content aggregations solutions to business of all sizes and markets.  Since 1999 Tain has developed a sportsbook, which is recognised as one of the most successful in the business. Tain’s portfolio extends to bring solutions from around the world into an easily managed centralised platform.
The extensive portfolio of products and services helps new and established operators compete in whatever market chosen. Tain has always focused solely on the business-to-business aspects of Internet gambling. At the heart of our eGaming infrastructure is the Tain Commons Platform (TCP). The Tain Commons Platform ties together all ends for eGaming solutions into one common back end, linking and monitoring payment solutions, marketing channels, and reporting functions.Since 2003 Betting Promotion has derived most of the turnover from betting exchanges, trading in excess of a billion dollars per year. The betting exchange is an open market where buyers and sellers meet and decide the odds and the volume for bets. We trade with small margins and help increase liquidity and turnover on the exchanges.
In 2013 Betting Promotion and Tain merged making updated odds available to bookmakers decreasing their costs for odds compiling and risk management through  integration with Betting Promotion.
Among other online betting services Tain has managed to keep ahead of the curve in this incredibly competitive field, history has proven its strategy has been successful.  


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