Italy's Police Reveal Illegal Online Gambling Ring

Published Monday, May 09, 2016 -
Italy's Police Reveal Illegal Online Gambling Ring

The proliferation of illegal online betting and casino gaming is a massive issue for regulators all over the world. The recent revelation of the breaking up of an illegal online gambling network by Italian police based in the Maltese jurisdiction has pointed out the severity of the problem.

The police unit in Catania, Sicily, who managed to reveal the criminal activity named the investigation ‘Master Bet’ which appears to have damaged the organized criminal gang’s ability to operate effectively. The Catania police unit was thorough in the investigation questioning as many as 107 people of interest  about the fraudulent activities involving massive amounts of cash. The money laundering was done by a using a complex web of networks to avoid detection.

There are at least a dozen suspects are under house arrest in the case and over forty people of interest have had their assets seized by the Sicilian authorities. The Maltese connection is said to be a former police inspector who knew the ins and outs of the financial crimes division in Malta. This man has recently been arrested in Malta on other charges. The large series of arrests extended around many parts of Italy including Rome itself but Malta is not mentioned in the list. One of the persons being held under house arrest is Francesco Airo a 37-year-old f recently arrested for conspiracy in illegal betting activities involved with representatives of the Italian Mafia-type crime syndicate the Camorra, and is he is alleged to be the owner of a business in Malta. According to the Italian police the fraud took place on gaming websites. There are two major criminal organisations in this investigation two of them own seven websites that offer illegal betting in the Italian jurisdiction operating without the necessary permits from the state but the gambling platforms were registered in Malta.







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