Online Gambling Firm GVC Facing Massive Class Action Suit

Published Friday, June 17, 2016 -
Online Gambling Firm GVC Facing Massive Class Action Suit

An article in the U.K.’s Telegraph news source recently revealed that GVC Holdings, the multinational sports betting and gaming group is in some hot water over a class action suit that may have as many as 20,000 people joining in the case. The law firm of Findlay McCarthy is heading up a potential legal fight with Sportingbet that has materialized after a long running dispute with Doug Honegger, a former ice hockey player who claims that GVC Holdings reneged on an agreement that would have seen his firm 37 Entertainment partner on two Sportingbet websites in Canada. Findlay McCarthy has been investigating whether GVC breached its customers’ privacy by allowing Honegger’s business access to their data.

Findlay McCarthy commented that the firm had been, “retained by a client willing to act as lead plaintiff in a foreseen class proceeding” and that “it is estimated by the firm that the total number of potential class members in this action could exceed 20,000”. The firm added to their statement, “Such unfettered access was granted without the appropriate privacy measures being put into place.”

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of GVC Holdings Kenny Alexander has dismissed the claims by the 37E enterprise and feels confident the issues will be resolved in due course. The owner of Sportingbet commented on the situation,  “GVC has maintained throughout this process that these allegations are spurious and unfounded. GVC has no doubt in its ability defend itself if they choose to pursue them.”

Never the less the Montreal-based sports and entertainment consultancy’s claim states that GVC failed to deliver promised services for the launch of two white-label online gambling sites, which were to be operated jointly by both entities.

 37E also claims that GVC continuously delayed the signing of a contract in order to pursue its takeover of, before cancelling the deal completely despite 37E having already invested in the operation.




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