Ontario Canada Moves To Boost Online Gambling

Published Saturday, June 18, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
Ontario Canada Moves To Boost Online Gambling

Governments all over the world are somewhat dependant on the proceeds from gambling whether online or offline the sale of lottery and other wagering offerings are important to the economies of many jurisdictions. The online gambling trend apparently may have repercussions for areas that are not regulating or licensing offshore operators of internet betting enterprises. The argument for enforcement and blocking of illegal online betting sites is an economic one where governments are losing valued revenue to international online gambling web locations.

A recent article on the CBC news feed has pointed out how the sale of lottery tickets in the province of Ontario has declined dramatically. The article said sales of the sales of “the big ticket” lotteries such as Lotto 649 and Lotto Max are down substantially. Even with the massive decline over the past year, the OLG generated over $2 billion for Ontario’s coffers. Attracting the "millennial" 18-34 demographic has been a major undertaking for the OLG with the corporation hiring consultants to develop a strategy in spite of the fact that this is, overall, the demographic that can least afford to be spending money on internet gambling.

Many of the provinces in Canada are looking to offer online gambling to its citizens to gain tax revenues to help with the social programs in these jurisdictions. The debate continues whether the efforts to promote wagering are morally correct or fair and efforts to reduce harm caused by excessive gambling are neutralized by these promotions. While for most people the lottery may be harmless fun, a report from February, 2016 issued by Ontario’s psychiatrists noted that evidence indicates that even low levels of a gambling addiction had a negative impact a person's overall health and well-being. Many of these negative health effects, however, are suspected to result from the stress and strain of the financial impact of a gambling addiction.



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