Olympic Online Gambling Beats the Odds

Published Monday, August 29, 2016 - Online-Casinos.com
Olympic Online Gambling Beats the Odds

The online gambling trends have come and gone with some of the excitement lingering long after the popularity of a particular offering has disappeared. Sports betting is one activity that seems to keep above the waves of tough economic times and continues to thrive even after scandals are revealed.

Looking closely at the magnitude of wagering on sporting events on the planet is a staggering undertaking which including illegal betting online and off runs into the billions of dollars, euro, and now virtual money.

Unfortunately wherever there is money involved there will be cheating and corruption and the online gambling industry is trying hard to remain respectable. The recent Olympic games has revealed a number of interesting facts that online sports betting operators can use to plan for the next Olympics in Japan.

The online gambling web location Sportsbet.io just published a press release that said it had an exceptional year with the Olympic wagering. Bitcoin sports book Sportsbet.io was launched in June 2016 and boasts over 350,000 pre-match events annually, with a peak of 70,000 events during prime sporting event months.

The Rio 2016 Olympic betting market accounted for forty percent of the bets accepted at the Bitcoin sports book. The bookie also revealed that tennis and football proved to be the most popular sports wagered on during the sixteen day Olympic run. The basketball match between Serbia and the USA was the most wagered on individual event of the entire competition.

Live in-play gambling was also very popular among punters which accounted for sixty percent of wagers placed.

Joe Jordan a Sportsbet.io spokesperson commented,  “Rio 2016 has demonstrated just how popular betting on the Olympic Games has become. Not just on tennis and football, but also handball and track events.

“Tennis and football will always prove popular, however it’s the popularity of the so-called lesser sports that is impressive. Nobody would have expected handball to achieve similar volumes as football.”




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