Biker Gang Tech Master of Illegal Online Gambling Ring Sentenced

Published Tuesday, September 13, 2016 -
Biker Gang Tech Master of Illegal Online Gambling Ring Sentenced

In the old days of gambling a lot of the betting took place behind closed doors in smoke filled rooms. The games were usually invitation only so the players could feel comfortable and felt they could have a good time with others that could be trusted. A recent article in the Canadian newspaper The Sun shed some light on the way internet gambling is done these days by the Hell Angles Motorcycle club.

Back in February of 2013, Canadian authorities raided a huge Super Bowl event with as many as 3 thousand invited guests in Markham, Ontario for customers of Platinum Sports Book.  It was an online credit betting operation that used toll-free phone lines linked to a Costa Rican located website. The PlatinumSB betting ring had all of the characteristics credit betting operation with a sophisticated, organized pyramid structure involving many levels with subs servicing the thousands of clients. The top level did the accounting and provided debt collection. After an audit police revealed the gang had grossed over $103m between 2009 and the 2013. There were 31 arrests and $4.6m in illegal betting proceeds that were confiscated.

It was published that recently Justice John McMahon gave technician Gordon Baird a $400k fine for Baird’s role in operating the gang’s website,  As soon as the online gambling site was taken down a new online gambling site was created by Baird who is 59 and he did not contest the charge of bookmaking and contributing to the activities of a criminal organization. Crown attorney Matthew Bloch said, Baird “was the administrator of the website” in Costa Rica. Baird faced a long prison sentence the lack of prior convictions moved  McMahon to give Baird 18 months house arrest and 12 months probation. Another two alleged Hells Angels associates Rob Barletta and Andrew Bielli pleaded not guilty to their own charges of bookmaking and possession of the proceeds of crime.




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