Security Issues For Fantasy Online Sports Betting

Published Monday, September 19, 2016 -
Security Issues For Fantasy Online Sports Betting

Cyber security threats are real and most people don’t seem concerned about them for the most part. Gambling online whether it’s a casino, sports book, poker room or fantasy sports domain there is information being shared between the participant and the operator.  

A recent post has exposed the threats in the newest form of gambling for real money online fantasy sports betting. Massive amounts of sensitive consumer and payment card data is transported over the internet every day dealing with fantasy sports which is fertile hunting virtual territory for hackers.

Addressing the issues of internet security has become a topic around many board room tables. Fred Rica, principal and U.S. Cyber Defense Leader at consulting company KPMG in New York, told Bloomberg BNA recently, The daily fantasy sports industry is the “intersection of tech, money and personally identifiably information (PII),” That intersection he continued “is part of a perfect storm, a bull's-eye for someone that is going to go after you because of the valuable information you possess,” Rica said that although “there is no such thing as 100 percent security,” daily fantasy sports firms try “to make it easy for the consumer to play yet provide protection of their sensitive data.” He also noted that daily fantasy sports companies should implement a program that “communicates to customers how they handle and protect data,” As part of a program, DFS firms should have a plan that details how they “collect, store and dispose of PII, manage the identities of customers, limit who has access to which data and stay on top of threats and threat actors.”

The threat intelligence manager at cyber security company FireEye Inc., John Miller, also said, that the daily fantasy sports sites are “ a prime target.” Cybercriminals “take significant interest in online gaming- and betting-related services of all types,”


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