Nevada eSports Betting Platform Being Created

Published Saturday, November 12, 2016 -
Nevada eSports Betting Platform Being Created

Esports betting is upsetting established rules in jurisdictions in the USA where the activity is causing concerns. In Nevada the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee will begin to move on creating and implementing an esports wagering framework for Nevada’s sports books. The Committee will hear from a range of stakeholders and experts that will present their case before the authorities.

The Chief executive officer of Fifth Street Gaming; Seth Schorr, Chief executive officer and founding partner of FiveGen Sam McMullen,  ESIC’s Ian Smith of; and Rahul Sood, chief executive officer and co-founder of Unikrn, are all scheduled to contribute to the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee’s agenda coming up on November 16th.

Entitled 'Esports in Nevada: how Nevada can become the esports capitol of the world' will be a hot topic on the Committee’s agenda. Technology expert  Sam McMullen will present on creating technical standards for a legalised esports wagering platform.

Schorr, launched the first dedicated esports lounge earlier this year in Vegas and he will provide an overview of esports events and the future of the industry in the state of Nevada. The team of presenters includes Mr. Smith who is the integrity commissioner of UK/EU eSports Commission ESI, will give the Committee his perspective on maintaining integrity in esports contests. Mr. Sood, will present his view on the future of esports betting in Nevada.

The aim of the presentations to the Committee was to move towards “setting standards, and creating a commission and environs for Nevada Books to begin taking wagers”. McMullen added, “Each presenter is providing more colour and information so that the GPC can be sure to do the best thing and make the best decision.” He continued,  “My team and I are suggesting technical standards to align with Ian's integrity standards that will be adopted by groups like Unikrn and the publishers, leagues, teams, operators like Seth, and be enforced by a commission on esports still in discussion.”






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