Online Tip Leads to Match Fixing Bust in Spain

Published Saturday, December 03, 2016 -
Online Tip Leads to Match Fixing Bust in Spain

It wasn’t until online gambling became a force in the wagering world and live betting opportunities made their appearance that match fixing in professional sports created a serious threat to the integrity of the internet wagering services providers. Match fixing can be detected by computers that recognize unusual betting patterns and suspicious activity while punters gamble on a sporting event.

The latest technology employed by online casino operators watches the thousands of sporting events and the millions of wagers on a twenty four seven bases. Spain has been desperately attempting to stop match fixing which seems to be something everyone expects. Back in 2015 Javier Tebas, President of Liga de Futbol Profesional, estimated that there could be as many as seven or eight games fixed per season.  The days are gone when governments turn a blind eye to cheatingwhich makes corruption a self-perpetuating downward spiral.

The Associated Press news agency recently reported on an investigation that looks at sporting events in Spain and Portugal. Now Spanish authorities have arrested 34 or more people, including six tennis players, after allegations were made of match-fixing in the lower-tier tennis tournaments Futures and Challengers contests.  

Those detained are said to be involved in a network that profited €438,500 from cheating in the Futures and Challengers matches. It is certain these players were enticed with some of that money to further their tennis careers although not yet identified the players are in the lower ranks of the competitive standings. Investigators noted that cheating was discovered in 17 men’s tennis competitions.

Secretary general of betting integrity body ESSA, Khalid Ali, said there is “concern at the continuing integrity issues within the sport”, adding that the association “welcomed the more proactive approach to combating match-fixing being displayed by the sport's governing authorities”. Ali continued, “ESSA continues to liaise closely with the Tennis Integrity Unit and share data surrounding potential corruption.”



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