Hawaii Attempts To Regulate Online Gambling

Published Saturday, January 28, 2017 - Online-Casinos.com
Hawaii Attempts To Regulate Online Gambling

The current changes in the global online gambling industry are encouraging from the standpoint that the pastime is being recognized as popular when regulated it is safe, lucrative for governments and secure.

Governments in the fifty jurisdictions in the USA are taking measures to educate their politicians and the public about internet betting and what it entails. A recent revelation that the State of Hawaii is now one of the states considering internet gambling regulation is good news for those who want to see the activity legalized.

The public in the state are already accessing offshore online casinos and sports books so the politicians would like to see revenue losses repatriated to government coffers. Sen. Will Espero has tabled a 29 page draft Bill SB 677 that looks at creating a legal platform for poker, lottery and casino type games but omitting sports betting.  

The Hawaii Internet Lottery and Gaming Corporation will be created as laid out in the new legislation to protect consumers and monitor the internet betting industry in the Aloha state.

The motivating factors for Sen. Espero;s action to legalize online betting are the tens of thousands of Hawaiians currently gambling on unregulated websites who are vulnerable to “fraud”  and the “tens of millions” of dollars in lost revenue that is going to unregulated and illegal sites that punters in Hawaii are already using.  

This is not the first time politicians have introduced a change in gambling laws for online betting but Bill SB 677 is the most developed thus far. The Bill sets out more stringent eligibility standards for licence applicants, including requirements for operators to provide onsite access for problem gambling support.

Hawaii’s efforts to quell the ongoing drain of revenue by offshore online gambling entities may be squashed before it makes the legal cut if the new Federal administration decides to put a stop to legalized online betting in the USA.





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