Online Sports Betting Data Platform iSport Genius Expands

Published Friday, February 03, 2017 -
Online Sports Betting Data Platform iSport Genius Expands

The internet is as fast as lightning sometimes and gambling online can be like hitching a ride on a lightning flash. The quick access to money as well as betting opportunities can overwhelm even the most cautious of gambling product consumers. When wagering on sports, research is the key to understanding the best chance of winning and what, where and when to place an educated bet.

Research and data is what makes sports books money and they rely on fast accurate information in order to make odds rewarding. One firm that has been creating reliable information available to some of the world’s largest online gambling operators such as Ladbrokes and Unibet is the iSport Genius data service. Just last year around this time Ladbrokes Australia announced they had secured a partnership with iSport Genius. The arrangement with iSport provides Ladbrokes Australia with an interactive customer oriented application that allows the bookmaker to convert data into sport related insight. The information helps online sports betting consumers know more about the choices of betting opportunities as well as providing a closer look into the status of teams, players and conditions in the field. 

iSport co-founder and partner Nathan Rothschild said at the time, “Our data tool can handle the trillions of sports data points available and manipulate them into easily understandable and accessible analysis.”

Now Unibet will offer the information provided by the sports data platform iSport Genius in the United Kingdom and Australia with the possibility of greater accessibility for Unibet in the rest of the European online sports betting market place.

iSport Genius is headquartered in Melbourne Australia but has outlet offices in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  iSport Genius’ Rothschild commented on the Unibet deal, “iSport Genius is a proven product and a perfect fit for Unibet with its ‘Luck is no coincidence’ slogan. The depth of our product will see Unibet take their data-driven angle to a whole new level. They are an excellent fit as we continue our global expansion.”




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