Sports Betting And Conspiracy Theories

Published Friday, March 03, 2017 -
Sports Betting And Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have a way of making everything in the world that much more interesting. Sports is not immune to the idea that the ghost in the woodwork had something to do with the outcome of some iconic events. A recent article on MSN sports page revealed some of the biggest conspiracy theories in the world of sports. It appears that in the digital age conspiring to match fix to pay off gambling debts has diminished somewhat. Regulated online gambling offered by government agencies has created accountability that makes the process more transparent and secure.

Interest is paid to anything in sports that appears out of the ordinary or suspicious. Some examples of the questions posed by the theorists are interesting such as the ‘frozen envelope’ that allegedly altered an NBA draft pick and then there is the ghost fan accused of somehow sending information to the Toronto Blue Jays batters. Some famous conspiracy theories in sports must have made the bookies really wealthy according to the examples listed in the article in Espresso by Ian Harrison there may be some other explanation for so called ‘Phantom Punch’. There was Muhammad Ali standing over his opponent Sonny Liston during the 1965 rematch but the question is did Ali actually connect with the first-round punch that sent Liston down who tried to get up after the first blow or did Liston throw the match on purpose because of gambling debts, or possibly other intimidation fears.

All the conspiracy theories in the world won’t change that outcome and there others that are equally interesting involving gambling on sports and the results of the need to pay off gambling debts. As long as there is gambling on sports and other things there will be upsets and conspiracy theorists. Factoring these hypothetical occurrences into live online sports betting is probably the hard part for those operators creating the odds.

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