Tourmoil Again For Legal Online Gambling in the USA

Published Tuesday, April 18, 2017 -
Tourmoil Again For Legal Online Gambling in the USA

It is hard to believe that America is once again facing a legal crisis over online gambling with the rumours swirling that the Attorney General Jeff Sessions will move for the Restoration of America’s Wire Act which prohibits internet wagering federally.

The news of the possible win by advocates of a total ban on online betting has many government  officials worried that if Sessions does go down the prohibition road it will be a disaster for their state economies. The legal situation for internet betting in the USA was more or less clarified in 2011, when the online gambling market in the US was reopened when a law was passed allowing each state the right to legalise internet gambling. There has been lots of discussion in the governments of a number of states that are considering the option of allowing the pastime with New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware being the only ones so far to introduce regulated online betting for real money.

The economic benefits are clear for the states that have introduced interactive betting with New Jersey posting good financial returns from the activity. According to the Huffington Post there is a lack of public support and opposition from the National Governors Association to the possible move by Sessions.

The Huffington Post quoted Chris Grove, a consultant for stakeholders in the US gambling market who said that should the ban be reintroduced, it would threaten thousands of jobs and negatively impact tax revenue for those states that have regulated online gambling. Grove commented, “A federal ban on regulated online gambling would be a tremendous loss for consumers and states,” Grove added, “It would be a massive victory for the illegal, offshore betting industry, which has no interest in competing with state-regulated sites.”

 The regulated version of the online betting industry in the USA is a much safer option than back to the days of the wild west.


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