Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague May 19th 2017

Published Wednesday, April 19, 2017 -
Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Prague May 19th 2017

The best part of the internet gambling industry is the great variety of betting products available to the consumer and the number of platforms that it runs on. Gambling has evolved and matured along with forms of monetary transactions. The Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies are taking a major role in the evolution on online gambling and for many connected punters the use of the virtual currencies is an essential element.

The web based betting industry has seen the potential of the use of virtual currencies like Bitcoin and have endeavoured to learn more and provide a better experience for the consumer. The upcoming Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Prague this May 19th is sure to attract those online operators who want to know more about the current situation in central Europe. This conference will be third blockchain conference in the Czech Republic created by "Smile-Expo". It is part of a series of events dealing with Bitcon and blockchain that have been hosted by Kiev Tallinn and Saint Petersburg Russia. Participants include IT developers, entrepreneurs, investors, software creators and others. Speakers are managers of well-known fintech firms that utilize online crypto currencies and technologies.

Online gambling and casino start ups that plan to use this form of money and transaction platform  would be wise to attend and gather the necessary components for success. In the exhibition area software and equipment developers present their products and solutions.
Equipment and technology displays are available for visitors to determine their needs to optimize their business, to engage with the current trends while increasing profits. All the aspects of creating innovative IT products will be on the agenda from the conception to reality the insight is provided for government people and many others. Bitcoin/blockchain is being legalized in many parts of the world and knowing more about it only makes financial sense.


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