Mitch Garber Earns His Pay At Caesars Interactive

Published Thursday, April 20, 2017 -
Mitch Garber Earns His Pay At Caesars Interactive

Online gambling executives are well paid and they for the most part earn the big money because they see the future and know how to steer an enterprise to success. The big operators rely on the smartest people to put a perspective on a strategy and hammer out plans. There are many kinds of executive approaches that have served the online gambling industry well in the past and the talent exhibited by some individuals is remarkable.

Mitch Garber is one of those side line visionaries that can see the patterns long before everybody else does. A native of Montreal in Quebec Mitch Garber has found that staying in one place for a long time has lots of advantages. Timing has been everything for Mr. Garber he was early into the online gambling industry as a lawyer with a firm that pioneered in the field of online gambling business law.

The interest in providing services to the growing internet betting business became more defined for  Garber when he changed professions  and in 1999 started a payment processing company called Surefire Commerce, Inc, with the brand name Firepay. Firepay was one of the first massive payment processors in the online-gambling industry. US prosecutors removed the firms potential in the USA. Garber is well known again for his timing when he exited the position as CEO of the controversial PartyGaming which was at one time doing very well before the leadership fail during the Teufelberger and Ryan episode.

Mitch Garber has been playing the future card for Caesars as he heads up the interactive division among other things. A not so recent but savvy buy he recommended and secured for Caesars was Playtika back in 2011 for a mere 100 million. Caesars Entertainment put another 150 million into the company to build it up. It sold for 4.4 billion last August. Right now Mitch is doing very well thank you and so is Caesars.  

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