Erdogan Pledges to Eliminate Gambling In Turkey

Published Wednesday, July 05, 2017 -
Erdogan Pledges to Eliminate Gambling In Turkey

Turkey and the 80 million plus  inhabitants have been struggling with the very nature of their country ‎that straddles eastern Europe and western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Turkey is a country of conflicting interests that have been brought to the attention on the world stage by Turkey’s authoritarian president Recep Erdogan who has tightened his grip on the country since a failed military coup last year.

The political crackdown has witnessed many journalists, educators and judges detained in an obvious attempt by Erdogan to silence the media and undermine the rule of law.

Now Erdogan’s socially conservative government has made a declaration that it will no longer tolerate illegal gambling whether it is on land or online. The pro-government Daily Sabah newspaper recently reported details of the proposed two-year campaign. The anti-gambling team will lead by a special prosecutor and representatives from the Financial Crimes Investigation Council, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Revenues Department and Information and Communication Technologies Authority with other “relevant agencies” involved.

Residents can legally gamble with the Milli Piyango lottery and state operated SporToto sports betting platform with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency implementing moves to stop credit card use and other funding methods such as virtual currencies for illegal online gambling. The anti gambling campaign with include promotions focused on the youth of Turkey stipulating the negative outcomes of gambling which will include posters informing Internet cafe and coffee house participants that accessing unsanctioned online gambling domains is unlawful.

It was reported by the newspaper that search engines will be monitored and punters who access illegal sites will be sent a text message warning them the government is monitoring the activity. All advertising pertaining to gambling will be prohibited and sites providing links to illegal gambling will also be closed. Large fines are in order for internet cafes that let customers access illegal gambling sites.





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