Ireland's Online Industries Thriving

Published Sunday, July 23, 2017 -
Ireland's Online Industries Thriving

Watching the evolution of the online gambling world has been an enjoyable experience for anyone that got involved in the industry at its beginning. There are so many aspects of online gambling that a business person can become part of with so many required skills to run the many enterprises.

The positive affect that internet betting operators bring to an economy is desired by governments looking for clean high paying employment opportunities for their citizens. There are many examples of this with notable ones being Malta and Ireland.

Ireland has had its fair share of economic problems and was particularly hard hit when the European economies failed not that long ago. Ireland however has weathered that period of dire need and reformed itself and its economy to become a model for success. Ireland has turned its attention to attracting the digital industries becoming a central core for web activity.

The digital economy has found a home in Ireland with the gaming industry doing particularly well.  Irish national and associate Jamie McCormick recently revealed that the industry is estimated to have grown to just over €243m in 2016 with the 5 % growth is expected to continue.

Online gambling industry in Ireland has been estimated to be worth possibly €1.1bn annually, with online gaming contributing some €220m with no real hard facts to back this suggestion up.  Much of the wagering economy can thank the passing of the Betting (Amendment) Act in 2015, online gambling in Ireland is legally legitimate as all remote operators regardless of where and whether they are online or not  doing business in Ireland are subject to Irish licensing and taxation. One study suggested that, now that online gambling  is properly regulated, it could be worth €7.5 billion to the economy by 2020. In the case of the Irish economy the saying the “luck of the Irish” fits.


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