Bulgarian Football Union Outlines Sportradar Education Strategy

Published Friday, February 16, 2018 - Online-Casinos.com
Bulgarian Football Union Outlines Sportradar Education Strategy

Since 2005, Sportradar has had a partnership with German Football Association to detect fraud and match fixing. This system was later developed and launched as Fraud Detection System and in addition to detection of fraud, Sportradar organizes integrity workshops together with federations such as Major League Soccer, Serie A and International Ice Hockey Federation. These workshops teach clubs and players about how the betting market works, the different forms of match fixing and how match manipulation is detected.

Now the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) has joined with Sportradar at a press conference to outline its education strategy. The agenda for the strategy will have 32 workshops per season aimed at referees, BFU officials and the players from the 1st and 2nd professional leagues along with individual e-learning modules including assessments every year. The seriousness of the alliance is revealed in the fact that the workshops and completion of the e-learning modules and assessments will be mandatory for all players.

Deputy general secretary Pavel Kolev, said, “This agreement means a lot to us.  We are taking a step forward, supplementing the monitoring of the games already in place with a powerful educational strategy.  I believe that organizing workshops all around the country will help us to present our position and so keep the integrity mission growing. This tour is one of our top priorities for the next few months.”

Alex Gerontikos, Sportradar Group Director for Sales in Southern Europe, also spoke at the press conference, “Any federation that shows this level of commitment will always get our support. We are honoured that the BFU has come to us to devise the ambitious plan of safeguarding and securing sport, its participants and stakeholders against both betting-related match-fixing and corruption. There is a lot of work to do and we are fully committed to deliver!”



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