U.K. Gambling Commission Seeks Input For Changes

Published Friday, September 07, 2018 - Online-Casinos.com
U.K. Gambling Commission Seeks Input For Changes

The history of online wagering is not very long but as with most things digital it has been downloaded reloaded and now it has exploded. The United Kingdom has been a pioneer in the internet betting industry and it has always strived to be ahead of the curve.

The industry operators have benefited from easy going rules and the attitude, if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. The U. K. Gambling Commission however foresees the cracks in the online betting regulatory foundation they have created.

The UK Gambling Commission has launched a research website focused on improving age and identity verification procedures for casinos. Consumers, gambling operators, and members of the public are being invited to voice their opinion on proposed changes aimed at further protecting children and keeping gambling fair and safe states the press release.

Restating the survey goal UKGC Programme Director Brad Enright commented, “Our aim is to protect children, reduce gambling-related harm and keep gambling fair and crime-free. We would encourage anyone with an interest in gambling matters to read our consultation and ensure they have their say on these proposals.”

The survey began September 5 and will end on November 27 2018 and the survey also states, “We are also keen to hear from identity verification solution providers, in particular where they can provide details of technological and information capabilities.”

The regulatory body is seeking information to formulate changes to the ‘license conditions code of conduct’ which will require gambling enterprises to verify the age and identify of customers before the punting takes place or funds are deposited. The other proposed changes include verifying the age of customers before access is granted to play-for-free versions of gambling games. The name, address, birthdate,  email of the player before wagering is allowed and of course consumer the usual payment status requirements before betting takes place.


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