US Sports Leagues Benefit From Legal Sports Betting

Published Sunday, September 09, 2018 -
US Sports Leagues Benefit From Legal Sports Betting

The recent changes in the USA regarding betting on sports has developed some growing pains as the public and operators get up to speed offering and accessing products. During negotiations for the changes some sports organizations saw the potential to earn revenue from sports betting which has now become legal in the States.

According to a report commissioned by the American Gaming Association (AGA) the National Football League could gain as much as $2.3bn (£1.78bn/€1.98bn) per year from regulated sports betting activity. The study was conducted by Nielsen Sports and reviews the revenue streams that legal sports betting could generate for the football league. The funds from the spend betting operators apply to adverts, data and sponsorship including revenue generated from the increased consumption of the football league’s media and buying of other products.

The NFL’s total annual revenue from media rights, sponsorships, merchandise and ticket sales could increase by 13.4%, producing $1.75bn in new revenue. An additional $573m in revenue could be realized by the wagering operators and data providers. Gaming operators could spend $451m on advertising, directly increasing the league’s rights fees by approximately same amount.

Sara Slane, Senior vice-president of public affairs for the AGA, commented, “Legal, regulated sports betting will create huge new revenue opportunities for sports leagues – and the NFL could be the biggest winner of all,” Slane, continued, “Once legal sports betting expands across the country, the NFL could take in more than $2bn a year, reinforcing how much sports leagues stand to gain from increased viewership and private partnerships with sports betting operators.”

The other major sports leagues such as the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Hockey League (NHL) were concerned about the integrity in the sports industry but have since realized the changes to the law will benefit them in many ways. Since the changes the NFL has requested that a federal law be put in place to create a “core regulatory framework” for legal sports betting in the USA.



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